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Cheshire summer school USA
Duration: 4 Weeks
Location: Cheshire, Connecticut
Price: $5, 950

This July, join students from around the world as they gather at Cheshire Academy for a comprehensive summer school experience uniquely designed for those entering grades 7-12. As a member in one of our Sustainable Earth programs or our popular ESL / ELL programs, you will have the opportunity to learn through discovery in hands-on and exploratory activities catered to your passions.
Conveniently located in Central New England, Cheshire Academy is within driving distance to both New York City and Boston, and is close to multiple international airports. Set in historic Cheshire, Connecticut, this 104-acre campus provides the ideal setting for academic enrichment and exciting extracurricular activities.


The Summer School at Cheshire Academy is pleased to offer two back-to-back ELL sessions. The sessions focus on Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Comprehension through Immersion and Exploration. Each session is designed to get students involved in learning the English Language through individual efforts as well as community interaction. Vocabulary is studied in context as you read, write, and speak about articles from all disciplines.The many ways to practice spoken English include role-playing, social networks, and conversation about current events. This intensive course will enhance your English grammar – verb forms, pronoun cases, syntax, and tenses – all supporting your speaking skills. You will keep a daily journal, study vocabulary, present projects, write essays rooted in logical development and supporting arguments, and take part in daily discussion groups led by teachers and interns. These groups are designed to inspire confidence and improve your skills in informal English conversation as you discuss travel, cuisine, film, popular music, international personalities, and even your favorite sports.


Session One (Choose One):
PAST AND PRESENT EARTH looks at the impact humans have had on our planet and how technology has played a role in our lives. Visit the American Museum of Natural History, research the industrial revolution, and explore the details of the space age and the viability of relocating humans to another planet.
OCEANS explores the surface of our large bodies of water and the mysteries that lay beneath the waves. Learn how the oceans play an essential role in the air we breathe, the daily weather and even climate patterns. Explore the ways oceans have changed our planet, our human history and current social events. We will be using a small remotely tethered submersible to investigate several different bodies of water.

Session Two (Choose One):
FUTURE EARTH: explores evolution, researches alternative energy solutions, and the civilizations of tomorrow. Visit the Boston Museum of Science, design your own sustainable vegetable garden and compete in the “Iron Chef Cheshire Academy” solar powered oven cook off.

SPACE: opens up a world that most cannot even imagine. Many people see it as the next step for humanity, with the possibility of humans populating other planets as Earth’s resources begin to dwindle. Investigate colonizing another planet, propellants and propulsion systems, and orbital mechanics. By the end of our session we will be launching our own model rockets and if the weather conditions are optimal, we may launch our own sounding balloon tens of thousands of meters above the surface of the Earth.